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The links below provide access to files stored on PSU's network. If this is your first visit to myFiles.pdx.edu keep reading for important information.
Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer is recommended while using this web site. By default, other configurations will allow downloading/retrieval of files, but not uploading/saving them.
If you are NOT using Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer, click here for instructions on how to upload/save files from off-campus. You will need these personalized links.

Link Information:
The "(H:) Home Folder" link provides access to your PSU home folder. Students can save up to 500 MB here.
The "(I:) Resources Folder" link provides access to shared file space for use by faculty, staff, and students.
The "UNIX/Web Folder" link provides access to your UNIX directory. This folder is primarily used for updating PSU web sites, and should not be used to store private information.

(H:) Home Folder (I:) Resources Folder UNIX/Web Folder
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